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Here at Indigo we would like to think of ourselves as software craftsmen. We have been working with venture-backed startups and enterprises for over 20 years and created a number of successful engineering solutions. We love working on challenges rather than being in love with a few technologies and solutions. Despite our ambitions to offer a full-service we do excel in a few areas listed below.

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Azure & .NET
Angular and React

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The world is full of poor software that annoys users. We will make sure yours does not fall into that category.

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We believe waterfall development and hierarchical project management are things of the past. Instead, we work hard to form highly aligned and loosely coupled teams that yield continuous and strong impact, the agile way.

Our achievements

20 years of experience in enterprise software produced many unique digital products and happy clients along the way.

But don’t just take our word for it. Take a closer look at why our clients love working with us.

Who are we

Indigo was born when three guys had the urge to do software the right way and be part of a company culture that treats its employees as their number one asset. So when push came to shove, we decided to build one that does exactly that.

We commit to always respect the following values, which are at the core of our operations.


People are at the forefront of Indigo Labs. It is they that move companies forward and deserve to be treated that way. People come first. Period.


We take deep pride in delivering outstanding products of uncompromised quality to our clients. With a strong mentoring program and code review process we ensure all our clients receive the best results.


The absence of strong and transparent communication is a major cause of unsuccessful projects. Highly aligned and loosely coupled teams given freedom and ownership continue to surprise by the impact they provide. Having the entire team on the same page is the cornerstone for companies to move in the right direction, fast.


A wide range of employee profiles and expertise enables us to think outside the box. We bring experience from a variety of projects, domains and cultures to challenge the status quo and foster innovation.

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No matter where you are in your digital product creation journey, we will help you bring your vision to life and enhance it further.

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We are always looking for young talent that wants to contribute to diverse development projects and enjoy a fun, high-performing environment.

If the values above resonate with you give us a shout at hello@indigo.si
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