Who are we?

Indigo was born when three guys had the urge to do software the right way and be part of a company culture that treats its employees as their number one asset. So when push came to shove, we decided to build one that does exactly that.

Meet the Team

“Individuals can and do make a difference, but it takes a team to really mess things up”

Rok #1

Good mood and too many ideas. Rok thrives on customer success and always looks for ways to go the extra mile. He is our petrolhead and gets distracted easily by the smell of gasoline. With experience, he brings the what-if solutions to the table.

Rok #2

Rok is our professor. He is the go-to person whenever there is a challenge. Things are done right and nothing less is accepted. An avid cook with a Zen personality, he brings calmness, structure and a relaxed atmosphere into every team he joins.

Luka #1

Throw an instrument, racket or a math challenge at Luka and you shall get a symphony back. He is our swiss-army knife of technologies and the still water that runs deep. He continues to surprise us with what he can learn in a day and the frontends he makes.


Home-made products and a great sense of humour is only the beginning. Janez is an engineer trapped in a dancer’s body or maybe the other way around? Give him a backend challenge and he will dig through Earth to solve it.


As a professional handball athlete, Uros is all about team spirit and discipline. Always open to learn more, he is shaping up to be our backend guru. Coincidentally, he seems to be our party organizer.


On his way to becoming a doctor of mechanical engineering, but his real passion is programming. There are only few people who would absorb knowledge so quickly and know how to use it during the solution of the most demanding problems.


If you want to talk sports, Blaz is your man. As an ex-swimmer he knows a thing or two about grit so he will definitely get to the bottom of any issue. As a sweet-tooth he ensures there is always desert in the office.

Luka #2

Luka is our Java guy, but we do like to think we’ve converted him to C# for good. While his passion is entrepreneurship and the startup world, his true superpower is writing GitHub actions yaml blindfolded.


David is currently a one-man band in our frontend team, wishing for more JS-company to join him soon. As an Apple fanboy, he likes his products clean, functional and user-friendly. He gets a kick out of HW tweaking and takes care that ours is running smoothly.

Our Business Core Values

We commit to always respect the following values, which are at the core of our operations. They influence our decisions, how we treat our employees and customers and what we aspire to be.


People are at the forefront of Indigo Labs. It is they that move companies forward and deserve to be treated that way. People come first. Period.


We take deep pride in delivering outstanding products of uncompromised quality to our clients. With a strong mentoring program and code review process we ensure all our clients receive the best results.


The absence of strong and transparent communication is a major cause of unsuccessful projects. Highly aligned and loosely coupled teams given freedom and ownership continue to surprise by the impact they provide. Having the entire team on the same page is the cornerstone for companies to move in the right direction, fast.


A wide range of employee profiles and expertise enables us to think outside the box. We bring experience from a variety of projects, domains and cultures to challenge the status quo and foster innovation.

Like what you see?

No matter where you are in your digital product creation journey, we will help you bring your vision to life and enhance it further. Don’t be shy, give us a call.