What we offer

Here at Indigo we would like to think of ourselves as software craftsmen. We have been working with venture-backed startups and enterprises for over 20 years and created a number of successful engineering solutions. We love working on challenges rather than being in love with a few technologies and solutions. Despite our ambitions to offer a full-service we do excel in a few areas listed below. 


.NET is our true passion and number one choice for enterprise or start-up solutions. We believe the quality, maintainability & scalability of such products is unmatched by other frameworks.


While all cloud providers have converged towards a similar portfolio of services, Azure is the one we work with the most given our preference of .NET solutions. However, architectural concepts are very similar which allows us to also provide high level consulting service on cloud architecture.


Angular is the most common choice of modern enterprise web apps, not to mention that all Google products are based on it. We like it as it not only provides a library that can be used and abused but offers a full framework with best practices.


NodeJS makes the process of development quick which means you can have a simple API up and running in a matter of minutes. Unline the other web development frameworks, NodeJS uses a single-threaded event loop architecture, which favours microservice architectures.


Fast learning curve, reusable components, fast render with virtual DOM, clean abstraction, … Still not impressed about React? Maybe the fact, that Facebook first developed it for their own use, will convince you that it is not without reason one of the most popular JavaScript libraries and with around 15M downloads one of the most downloaded npm’s.


The world is full of poor software that annoys users. We will make sure yours does not fall into that category by helping you shape a smooth user experience. Plus, we will do it iteratively to smooth out the transition.


No-code development is increasingly popular with start-ups. Instead of building products for extended periods of time, many have figured that validating the market and users is more important. No-code tools like Bubble allow us to launch your MVP in a matter of weeks.


We believe waterfall development and hierarchical project management are things of the past. Instead, we work hard to form highly aligned and loosely coupled teams that yield continuous and strong impact, the agile way.

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No matter where you are in your digital product creation journey, we will help you bring your vision to life and enhance it further. Don’t be shy, give us a call.