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I have had the privilege of working with Indigo Labs on a no-code project for our car leasing advertising platform. I was highly impressed with their work. We went from idea to MVP implementation in two months and that included design, UI/UX, development and implementation. What impressed the most was how committed, fast and responsive the team was in translating our ideas and processes into color, form and ease of use which resulted in a platform we feel proud of and which can act as the basis for our future ambitions. I only have positive things to say about our collaboration and would highly recommend Indigo Labs for any no-code project.

Niclas AnderssonCEO Lease Matching AB, Sweden

At the tender age of 50 and with several tech startups under my belt, I've seen my share of development companies. I can confidently say that working with Indigo was not only a pleasure, but I've also learned a lot about how to run a tech project effectively. Developing a bleeding-edge tech is never easy, and Indigo successfully navigated the perils of combining machine vision, machine learning, and artificial intelligence into a single working unit called PadelCourt.

Boštjan TrohaCEO Padel Court, Slovenia

I have worked with Indigo Labs founders for a year and a half and I have to say I have never worked with a better technical and product team. They are extremely professional and they represent the type of team you can only wish for. They are very experienced, passionate, efficient and trustworthy. In addition, they know exactly what it takes to develop a great product. Their understanding of Scrum is what helped us get from a vision to reality, fast.

Mark KalinCEO Estable

Being able to dive into the technicalities of our complicated, niched product on the very first encounter left a deep impression on me as technical director. Despite the complexity and the late phase of development Indigo Labs engineers managed to progress through the backlog a way faster than I expected. They have minimal administrative overhead, which is something that annoyed me in all other interviews. I feel lucky to come across this team of professionals.

Mikhail SolovievCTO IRRIOT AB, Sweden

With its extensive programming knowledge, Indigo Labs is an important part of the bSafe startup team. Practical problems in the development of the platform have always been successfully solved and the right solution has been found. Even more important, as mentioned above, are their personality traits, which bring a lot of mutual trust, respect and reliability to the team.

Andreja BednjičkiCEO Avatur

We had a very fruitful collaboration with Indigo Labs over a period of three years. They have delivered a wide variety of tasks from architecture and implementation to support and maintenance of production systems. Young and extremely professional team has paid extra attention to providing a state-of-the-art solution with best practices and exemplary user experience. I give Indigo Labs my thumbs up and highly recommend them for delivering exceptional software solutions.

Andrej GuštinCEO CREApro & CREAplus

Indigo Labs team was instrumental in understanding our challenges and goals and made things a lot easier for us. I can’t praise their reliability and reaction time enough!

Mitja JusCEO Roundabout Experiences

Netica d.o.o. is an r&d power house of advanced database and software solutions constantly on the lookout for experienced cloud and mobile development teams. Indigo Labs is one of them and helped us greatly with our last two projects. It has been a pleasure working with them as they were very reliable and offered a complete set of services. I look forward to working on another future project with them.

Igor SmirnovCEO Netica

Adding Indigo Labs guys to our team yielded immediate results. There was practically no onboarding lead-time and they started checking off our backlog items within a week. Over time, their technical expertise combined with extremely product-focused R&D process allowed them to push our platform further into the cloud, optimizing its performance along the way. I am confident their teams can positively impact output of any SW vendor and recommend them highly.

Tadej VisinskiCTO Direct4.Me

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